big room after hardwood floor refinishing

If the hardwood flooring Arlington Heights in your house is looking a bit worn, you may be debating whether to do hardwood floor refinishing Arlington Heights to them or to replace them. It is often important to refinish hardwood floors in order to give your property that fresh, modern look that buyers love.

This article was put together to help you make an informed decision, but it is no substitute for the expert assistance of a flooring business. If you are unsure about something, it’s advisable to consult hardwood flooring contractors Arlington Heights.

Here Are Some Warnings That It Is Time to Replace Your Hardwood Floors
Is it time, in your opinion, to have new hardwood floors installation Arlington Heights?

However, there are a few scenarios in which you could be better off replacing your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors often survive for decades, but there are times when another material might be preferable. This is only a sample.

Decayed Hardwood
Hardwood flooring Arlington Heights must be replaced if it has been wet for an extended period of time and is showing signs of decay. Allowing rotten hardwood to get to a dangerous stage is not only unsightly but also dangerous to people’s health.

Harm to the Wood Is Severe
Hardwood floors are expensive and are thus a potential replacement expense if any damage occurs. Due to the extreme danger that decayed wood poses, any mistakes must be carefully solved while installing flooring. In addition to the obvious safety concerns, severely damaged hardwood flooring Arlington Heights cannot be fixed or refinished since the wood is not level.

Unsafe Movement on the Floor
And last, if your hardwood floors are buckling, coiling, cracking, or laying unevenly, it’s probably time to speak about replacing them. When moisture has caused warping or buckling in hardwood floors, the only solution is to get rid of and replace the flooring. The fluctuating climate of Arlington Heights often causes this.

Possible Indications That It Is Time to Refinish
Hardwood flooring refinishing Arlington Heights is the ideal choice if the flooring is in excellent condition otherwise but may need a facelift. Here are several instances when refinishing your hardwood may provide the desired effect.

The Floors Have a Boring Appearance
If your flooring is just looking drab, refinishing is a quick and easy option to give it a new lease of life. There is a wide variety of colors and stains available, or you can just recoat the floor to give it a new lease of life.

Flooring with Scratches
When hardwood floors are refinished, they undergo a thorough sanding process that eliminates all scratches and restores a smooth, scratch-free gloss. Refinishing is an excellent option if the only damage is superficial scratching according to hardwood flooring contractors Arlington Heights like the professionals from Lukasz Hardwood Flooring Company.