Custom kitchen with hardwood flooring

For a number of reasons, selecting a new hardwood flooring type might be scary. You’re concerned not just with how it’ll seem after installation, but you’re also faced with a variety of flooring options and a limited budget. With so many options for flooring, it’s simple to get confused. This article is intended to assist you in determining which flooring option is best for your needs and budget as laminate and hardwood are two of the most popular choices in Arlington Heights.

Which Flooring Offers The Best Value?

Although real hardwood floor installation Arlington Heights has a longer lifetime than laminate, there’s no denying that hardwood flooring will always be more expensive.

Before switching to laminate, keep in mind that designer varieties of laminate that resemble hardwood might cost more, so the savings may not always be as noticeable.

Which Floor Covering Looks the Best?

Without a doubt, hardwood flooring is more aesthetically pleasing and traditional than laminate. Furthermore, no other kind of laminate can match the reputation that hardwood brings. However, some laminate does a great job of imitating the appearance of hardwood flooring from a distance.

Nobody will be able to tell that your laminate is not hardwood flooring until they thoroughly examine it. For a more authentic and natural appearance, more recent laminate flooring uses random patterning. For most people, hardwood flooring Arlington Heights remains the obvious victor in terms of aesthetics. With a fake wood laminate, you won’t be able to fool people permanently.

Which Flooring Needs the Least Maintenance?

In Arlington Heights, hardwood flooring is much simpler to maintain than it formerly was. Hardwood floors may now be vacuumed or swept, making cleaning easier. However, damp-mopping with a wood cleaner would suffice if you require a more thorough cleaning. The advantage of installing modern hardwood flooring refinishing Arlington Heights is that a polyurethane varnish is used to seal the floors, eliminating the need for waxing or polishing.

A brush or vacuum may also be used to clean laminate flooring, but water must be used carefully. The best option is a moist mop with floor cleanser, however, a steam cleaner should never be used since it can melt the adhesive holding the laminate down. Additionally, both flooring types might suffer from too much wetness.

What Flooring Has the Longest Life?

If you properly maintain and clean it, solid hardwood flooring may endure for nearly 100 years, making it the obvious winner in this category. This justifies the additional maintenance chores.

However, the lifespan of the laminate is often limited to 15 to 25 years. Therefore, hardwood flooring is the finest option for your Arlington Heights house if you’re seeking a home investment that will endure for the duration of your home according to hardwood flooring contractors in Arlington Heights from Lukasz Hardwood Flooring Company.