bedroom after hardwood floor installation

When putting hardwood flooring Arlington Heights in your house, you may believe that it will always appear the same. After all, properly constructed hardwood floor installation Arlington Heights is the most resilient and long-lasting floor covering, with many older houses still sporting the same wood floors that were laid a century ago. However, since hardwood floors are formed of organic material, they may fade or discolor if not properly cared for. Hardwood floor refinishing Arlington Heights is sometimes necessary, but understanding how hardwood flooring ages and how to care for it may help keep your floors looking wonderful for many years.

What Effect Does Sunlight Have on My Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood floor installation Arlington Heights are still made of wood and have many of the same features as wood, such as photosensitivity. When exposed to sunshine and UV radiation, wood floors may fade, darken, or bleach, depending on the kind. Exposure to UV radiation causes around 40% of all interior wood floor deterioration.

The degree to which your hardwood floors fade is also affected by the finish. Certain finishes inhibit the entry of UV radiation into the wood, behaving similarly to sunscreen on the skin. The polish deteriorates with time, enabling further sun damage to your hardwood floors.

Some wood types are inherently more photosensitive than others, so consider the direction and quantity of natural light in your space before choosing hardwood flooring.

How Can I Keep My Hardwood Flooring From Fading?

There is no assurance that fading will not occur; it is a normal element of hardwood floor aging. You may keep the room’s tone consistent by minimizing the degree to which your flooring fade. Curtains, particularly light-blocking ones, are the most effective method to protect your hardwood floors from sun damage. Drawing your curtains at the time of day when the sun shines the brightest on your flooring can help to reduce the damage caused by direct sunlight.

Consider laying a rug across the floor where the sunlight strikes if you have a section of the room that is more exposed to direct sunlight than the rest of the space. Rearranging the furniture in your room also aids in the stability of the flooring.

Is It Time To Replace Or Perform Hardwood Floor Refinishing Arlington Heights?

We can assist you if you see your floors deteriorating faster than they should or if you are dissatisfied with the finish of your flooring. Lukasz Hardwood Flooring Company is Arlington Heights’ top option for replacing hardwood floors professionally. Contact our hardwood flooring contractors Arlington Heights immediately if you need skilled hardwood floor repair or refinishing, or if you want to install new hardwood flooring in your Arlington Heights home.