I commend your company on their work as a whole. The crew that came in to sand and refinish my hardwood flooring took the time and seemed as though they actually cared about the outcome of their work. They took their time sanding the floors down, making sure to get in every nook and cranny while paying special attention to the corners to ensure that every piece of the flooring had been reached. I could not have asked for a better company to come in and redo my hardwood flooring – I am MORE than pleased with the experience, your crew and quality of work.
Lukasz provided me with the best customer service that I have had in years and the craftsmanship was top-notch quality. We had just recently purchased a home and needed about 1000 square foot of hardwood flooring. We knew exactly what we wanted so we contacted Lukasz, who had been referred to us by a friend. They came out quickly to give us a free estimate and when the job was done, it was absolutely perfect. They finished within the budget that we had discussed and finished with the discussed timeframe as well. It was truly a satisfying experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs any work completed with hardwood flooring.
The entire company is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of hardwood flooring and were courteous throughout the entire project. We had certain things that we wanted – such as a particular stain color so that it matches our house perfect – and they were able to make it all work. The company is truly focused on making sure that their customers are happy. Lukasz is fair, honest and reliable while showing true integrity and professionalism in everything that they do from the quality of their work to the timeliness of the delivered project. It is definitely the best choice you could make for your hardwood flooring.
I visited a friend and when I walked into their home, the first thing I noticed was the antique look of their hardwood flooring. I just had to know the company that they had come to install because the floor was absolutely amazing. My wife and I had just recently purchased a home that needed hardwood flooring BAD! They gave me the name of Lukasz and I gave him a call. He came out, took a look and provided us with a free estimate, just like the site says. We ended up having him do the floor repair, restoration and new stain. The job was super. I could not have asked for anything better. People now walk into our home and ask who we had do our floors! It is a very rewarding feeling.
Simply phenomenal. The work the crew from Luke did in my home has made me so happy, where do I even begin to sing their praises. They ripped out the old shabby carpet which was filthier that it looked, took the whole room down to the concrete foundation, and started with a blank canvas. And let me tell you, they are masters at their craft. I wanted all new hardwood floor installation throughout, and they made it look easy. If I didn’t know it wasn’t here the whole time, I would naturally think it was like this when the house was built. Such a wonderful job.
I have severe allergies, and the first thing I intended to do before setting one foot in my dream home was do have all the carpet ripped out, and hardwood floor put in every room. I signed my papers on a Monday and by Wednesday a staff member from Luke was at my front door ready to take measurements for an estimate. And the price they quoted me was perfect with my budget. They had hardwood flooring contractors out by Friday and I moved in the following Wednesday. Such a quick and efficient job, and it was done perfectly. I love it.
I’m a contractor by trade. I do walls, ceilings, but I never got into flooring. When we bought a fixer-upper as an investment property, I asked around and most of those I spoke to said to go with Luke for harwood flooring. We thought about carpet, but renters with cats would ruin it, so wood was the way to go. These guys taught me so much without even trying. They laid it all out, gave us a quote we could live with, and did some really top-notch work. The seams were clean and they fitted it perfectly. I will definitely recommend them to clients.