wooden texture furniture material samples for hardwood floor installation

Due to its attractiveness and high level of durability, hardwood floor refinishing Arlington Heights is one of the most often used materials for hardwood flooring. However, there are light-colored and dark-colored alternatives available when looking for the ideal hardwood flooring for your home.

Light-colored hardwood flooring: Advantages and Drawbacks
The bright, contemporary appearance of light-colored hardwood flooring is well recognized. The living area is made to feel more expansive by opening it up. Additionally, light-colored hardwood floor installation covers flaws like stains, dust, and light-colored pet fur and is simple to keep clean. But light-colored flooring reflects light, which might make your space brighter than you want. Furthermore, some cabinetry hues do not complement light-colored flooring.

Dark-colored hardwood floors: Pros and Cons
Many hardwood flooring contractors say that householders also frequently choose dark-colored flooring. Numerous types of décor might be complemented by its upscale appearance. Additionally, the dark color conceals flaws like gaps amid planks. Dark-colored hardwood flooring is durable and goes well with the majority of cabinetry colors and designs. Sadly, light-colored pet fur, dust, and scuffs are visible on dark hardwood floors. Moreover, dark-colored hardwood flooring may give the impression that a space is smaller and darker.

Choosing a Floor Color
According to Lukasz Hardwood Flooring Company, the ideal floor color for every home is different. The ideal hardwood flooring color for your home relies on a number of variables. When selecting the ideal color for your hardwood floors, you should take into account many elements, such as current furnishings and cabinetry You must take the environment of your space into account when deciding on the color of your hardwood floor. The floor color doesn’t have to be similar to the color of your cabinets and furniture. The color of your floor should complement rather than compete with the color of your furniture. If your living area is compact, you may give the impression that it is larger by letting in more light and even enhancing that light. In order to do this, you should use light-colored flooring in conjunction with painting the walls a bright hue and adding larger windows.