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Each member of our team has years of experience with hardwood flooring in Crystal Lake, IL. We’ve built our reputation for quality installation by using only the most experienced contractors and the best materials. No matter what you have in mind, our contractors will get the job done right, providing you with flooring you’ll love. Additionally, our high-quality planks ensure the beauty of your hardwood will last for years to come.

If your hardwood flooring in Crystal Lake has gotten a bit run down over the years, refinishing can be a great way to brighten it up. At Lukasz, we don’t only install new floors, but also do refinishing in Crystal Lake, IL. By stripping away the old stain, we can give your entire home a whole new look while simultaneously upgrading your home’s aesthetic and improving its value.

Hardwood flooring contractors with 15 years of experience in hardwood floor refinishing

Our installers are number one among hardwood flooring contractors in Crystal Lake and the reason for this is simple: customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you hire our contracting team, you gain access to our wealth of experience and knowledge. We will walk you through the entire process, from picking your styles to cleaning up after ourselves. You’ll love your new flooring, guaranteed, so give us a call today to experience the difference for yourself!

Benefits of Hardwood Floors Provided By Our Contractors

If you’re looking for durable, low-maintenance flooring, choose hardwood flooring in Crystal Lake. At Lukasz Hardwood Flooring we offer a full range of flooring options, including engineered hardwood. In addition to its enduring beauty and elegance, it is an incredibly tough option, resisting scratches and daily wear. Although you’ll need occasional floor refinishing, your floors will require little more in the way of daily maintenance.

Hardwood flooring in Crystal Lake is also an eco-friendly option. Since all our hardwood options are all-natural, you can minimize your ecological footprint and go green with hardwood flooring. When you opt for ecological floors, you also get the hypoallergenic benefits, minimizing the presence of allergens in your home. All these benefits and hardwood flooring in Crystal Lake, IL is still one of the most inexpensive flooring options on the market! Call today to learn more.

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